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  • 5 April 2013, 10:33

Row over art gallery's hanging horse

Horse /Europics

An art gallery has infuriated animal lovers in Switzerland - by hanging a dead horse from the ceiling.

The bay steed's preserved body has been suspended from two slings around its neck and hind quarters in the window of the modern art showroom in Geneva.

But it's facing an angry backlash from locals, who pay for the city-council owned gallery.

"It's horrendous, disgusting. Why did they put it there? It's shocking," one passer-by, identified only as Emilie, told local media.

"If that's what my taxes are being spent on I'll stop paying them. It's grotesque and cruel," said another.

But the unrepentant artists responsible for the Damien Hirst-style sculpture - called 'Warhorse' - have refused to apologise.

Maya Bosch and partner Regis Golay said: "We're glad people are reacting to our work. It wakes them up. We'd started to think that nothing could be shocking any more."

"Art should not try to explain anything. It should make people think," they added.

The couple's previous installation works include cars turned upside down in a car park and logs dropped on a road.

Zabriskie Point gallery manager Magdalena Ybarquen said: "To the artists, their warhorse represents culture and the arts which are always the first things to suffer in a financial crisis.

"What they're trying to do is show how culture is endangered and how we should protect it."