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  • 20 February 2013, 12:34

Art lovers strip off for naked exhibition

Naked exhibition /Europics

Hundreds of nudist art lovers got a private peek at an exhibition of male nudes when a gallery in Austria held a special session for naturists only.

The show - 'Naked Men' at Vienna's Leopold Museum - had already created outrage when it was launched with huge full-frontal pictures of footballers on giant posters.

Now officials are facing more controversy after they closed the gallery for a special viewing for 300 nudists from all over Europe.

"We get lots of requests for private tours by special interest groups and, given the subject matter, this seemed appropriate.

"The staff were all volunteers and no ordinary members of the public were allowed in," said a museum spokesman.

"But young men and old men, young women and mature women all strolled through the museum, as naked as the day God made them.

"The only people wearing clothes were the museum guides and security guards," they added.

After the tour - showing works from 200 years of art - some of the group celebrated by posing by a giant nude sculpture called 'Mr Big', by artist Ilse Haider.

"But it's something some of the men might regret doing later. It must have been a chilly day in the gallery," said one art lover.