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  • 4 November 2010, 10:47

Artist answers the big question

Jiri Boudnik /Europics

An artist has launched a one man show in which he paints his national flag on women's crotches while listening to patriotic music.

Jiri Boudnik, who is Czech-born but has spent decades living in the US, says he was motivated by philosophy's big question - where do we come from?

He kept asking himself which country he really belonged in and says: "I finally realised that the answer for me is Czech."

Now Mr Boudnik has returned to the Czech Republic to perform his art show where he painted the Czech flag on his models while listening to patriotic music played by a string quartet.

After a 50 mile journey along local waterways on a homebuilt raft, the troupe arrived in Prague flying a huge sail made from a photograph of one of his models.

"This, I hope, will answer many questions for people about where they come from. They come from that space between the legs that was home to us all," he explained.

Now he plans to paint the rest of the world's flags on women from every country to complete his 'Where is my Home?' exhibition.