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  • 13 February 2013, 11:13

Artist crams in objects Tetris-style

Tetris-like /Rex

A Swedish artist creates amazing compartmentalised art pieces from ordinary everyday objects.

Michael Johansson's Tetris-like installations see spaces filled precisely with materials including wardrobes, suitcases, filing cabinets, household appliances and even vehicles

His colourful works fill spaces ranging from a disused storefront in a Japanese back alley to the space between two stacked shipping containers.

He has filled the narrow space between two buildings in Rotterdam while one work is so large it contains objects including a caravan, a Volvo car and a tractor.

Mr Johansson, 37, who lives and works in Malmö and Berlin, said: "I am fascinated walking around flea markets finding doubles of seemingly unique, though often useless objects I have already purchased at another flea market.

"Despite the fact that I did not have any use for them even the first time, the desire to own two of these objects becomes too strong to resist.

"I am intrigued by irregularities in daily life. Not those that appear when something extraordinary occurs, but those that are created by an exaggerated form of regularity."