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  • 22 May 2013, 10:05

Artist creates banana-shaped pool table

Banana Pool /Rex

Dorset artist Cleon Daniel created this bright yellow banana-shaped pool table.

The 25-year-old roped in a family friend to help construct what he has dubbed Banana Pool.

Mr Daniel, who previously put out a book called of zany designs called Unventions, said: "The idea came to me in a matter of minutes on the train.

"I thought of a banana and imagined something extrinsic pushing the spots around on it and how the pattern could be used differently, and it just clicked."

The resulting design was for an 8.5ft-long games table in bright yellow.

"I approached an old family friend and retired carpenter in April last year with the table idea, he was amused, and happy to help me make it," he added.

"We had a lot of laughs making it. My uncle kept complaining how 'nothing's straight forward with this' and 'you're bloody mad that's your problem'."