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  • 30 May 2013, 9:11

Artist painted husband - before they met

Dream husband /Rex

A Surrey artist painted a likeness of herself with her husband - four years before she met him.

Chloe Mayo, 31, from Croydon, created the image of herself holding hands with her dream partner, a man with a dark beard.

Weeks later she joined an online dating website and spent two months messaging Michael Goeman, 30, before finally meeting him face to face.

After they had been dating for six weeks, she had a nagging feeling that Michael's face looked familiar.

It was then that she remembered her quickly executed painting and realised he was the lookalike of the man she had painted.

Because the oil painting was so uncannily similar to Michael, she hid the canvas under her bed in fear he thought she may have been stalking him.

When she finally revealed the image to him he was stunned at the resemblance, but to her relief he was not put off and actually proposed 18 months later.

The couple were married at a ceremony near their home in May 2012 and have proudly hung the painting up in their lounge.

"I never would have thought I'd have predicted my husband and I don't normally believe in that sort of thing, but I suppose it must be fate," she said.