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  • 15 December 2010, 10:20

Artist shoots Lennon portrait with gun

Lennon portraint /Viktor Mitic/Solent/Rex

A controversial artist has made a portrait of John Lennon by firing bullets from the same type of gun used to kill the Beatle.

Viktor Mitic has also created pictures of Jesus Christ, Paris Hilton, John F Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe by shooting holes through paintings.

He uses a combination of semi automatic handguns, rifles and shotguns to shoot holes into his paintings of iconic figures.

But for his John Lennon portrait, the 41-year-old used a .38 revolver similar to that used by Mark Chapman to murder the star.

Mitic, from Toronto, Canada, painstakingly plans which gun he will use for the portraits based on the effect it leaves on the canvas.

First he paints the pictures on an acrylic canvas. He then takes them to a shooting range where he fires live ammunition at them. The finished pieces can sell for up to 30,000.

He said: "The message I am conveying is not one of war and violence but I'm using something deadly to create images of peace, tranquillity and love.

"Although the process is very loud, there is a sense of peace after the smoke is gone.

"The paintings are done from various distances, the best distance is about 25 to 50 yards, but sometimes I work up close as well, 'execution style'.

"I believe that no matter how secure we feel on earth with gun control and policing, there will always be a trigger-happy guy out there that is creating paintings with bullets."