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  • 10 July 2013, 7:49

Artist turned rare comics into papier mache

Andrew Vickers /Rex

An artist made a papier-mache sculpture using comics he found in a skip - only to discover they were rare editions worth 20,000.

Andrew Vickers used the discarded comic books to create a life-sized man sculpture which he entitled 'Paperboy'.

However, after the piece went on display at a gallery in Sheffield it was spotted by comic book expert Steve Eyre.

It was while examining the piece that he realised the pasted sections were from classic Marvel Comics books.

Indeed, one of the comics used was a rare 1963 first edition of The Avengers, a copy of which Mr Eyre also owns, worth around 10,000.

It means that it would have been cheaper for Mr Vickers to create the sculpture out of Italian marble rather than the comic books.

The artist says he never imagined the comics had any value when he retrived them from the skip and added: "There's no point crying over spilt milk."