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  • 17 October 2012, 9:51

Baby dormouse's amazing escape

Douglas /Rex

A baby dormouse had a lucky escape when he was rescued by a man who nearly trod on him just inches from a busy road.

The tiny mouse ended up stranded in the middle of a pavement after falling from his mother's nest in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

At just three weeks old he was at serious risk from the cold and, because his eyes hadn't opened, had no way of finding his way home.

Fortunately, the hapless rodent was spotted by a kind-hearted member and rushed to the nearby Folly Wildlife Centre.

Here staff members worked tirelessly through the night to keep Douglas, as they named him, alive.

They put him in an incubator and fed him Farley's Rusks and a milk formula every two hours until he built his strength up.

Annette Risley, centre manager at Folly Wildlife said: "He was found on a pavement on his own by a member of the public.

"He was at a serious risk of dying from hypothermia or he could have been stepped on, so the gardener picked him up and got him to us.

"He is making great progress and will eventually go to another animal centre before being released into the wild in about a year."