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  • 5 April 2013, 10:59

Baking novice's monster birthday cake

Cake /Rex

A creative mum made her son's eighth birthday party one to remember by making him an incredible 4ft 6ins dinosaur cake.

Despite being a baking novice, Maria Young created the huge triceratops after being challenged by son Logan to bake a dinosaur cake.

She spent five days beating 130 eggs to create the cake body and went through 12 boxes of Rice Krispies making the legs and head.

Ms Young, 28, from Portsmouth, said: "I'd only baked three cakes in my life before Logan asked if I would make him a 'standing-up dinosaur cake'.

"I thought 'I can do this' and ended up making something absolutely huge - we called him Tiny the Triceratops, because he was so big.

"Once we'd made him we couldn't even lift him off the kitchen worktop, we had to eat him where he was."

Logan was hugely impressed, and said: "It was amazing, it was the best cake I have ever seen and it tasted delicious.

"My friends loved it and I took some cake into school too - I think my mum is brilliant for making it."