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  • 15 January 2014, 11:39

Battle armour on sale - for cats

Armoured cat /Schnabuble

An online shop is offering hand-made leather and nickel silver battle armour - for cats.

For slightly more than 300, Etsy shop Schnabuble promises a "100% wearable, flexible, and comfortable suit of armour" for your kitty.

"Your cat will become an unstoppable force for slaughter in this fully articulated suit, shielding him/her from foes while allowing unimpeded movement across the battlefield or living room floor," it promises.

"The imposing torso section features several riveted, articulated plates and a terrifying rack of dorsal spines.

"Your cat's hindquarters are sheathed beneath exquisitely arrayed overlapping scales stitched to a soft leather backing, adorned with nickel silver dome rivets."

Despite the price, a number of cat lovers have responded to the online ad - with many curious as to how the makers persuaded their cat, Selani, to model the armour.

They replied: "It's all about how you approach it. We just took it slowly and carefully with her.

"Now she seems to genuinely enjoy wearing it- purring and actively modeling.

"The leather is flexible and lightweight. She can walk, scurry, jump up on things, and has fallen asleep while wearing it."