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  • 14 January 2013, 12:07

Boy, 13, drove 600 miles in stolen car

Boy's journey

A 13-year-old boy stole his father's car and drove more than 600 miles across across Europe before he was finally pulled up.

The boy took the Mercedes car after a reported row with his parents in the northern Italian town of Montebelluna, reports the BBC.

Having driven from Italy into Austria, he proceeded to Germany where he was stopped by police after his family had alerted Interpol.

The boy, who had been adopted two years ago, was reportedly heading to his original home country, Poland.

The boy, who is a keen go-cart racer, left after an argument with his adoptive mother - allegedly over a mobile phone payment.

His parents say he was probably heading for Poland - he was said to be missing his sister who lives there and to have been in touch with her via the internet, according to Italian media.

The car was eventually tracked and stopped near Moisburg, in northern Germany.

Police said it was "incredible" that the boy-driver had managed to cross two international borders and filled up with petrol twice without anyone en route raising the alarm.

The teenager's parents are understood to have gone to Germany to bring him home.