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  • 13 August 2013, 8:39

Boy's bedroom tilted 90 degrees in prank

A Dutch teenager's bedroom has been tilted 90 degrees in a prank by his older brother.

ABC News reports that it's the latest installment of sibling rivalry between the pair which started when Jamiro Smajic, 16, altered the Facebook profile of his brother Tobias Mathijsen, 28. Tobias exacted revenge by turning Jamiro's bedroom completely pink while he was on holiday.

A year later Tobias has gone one step further 'tilting' the room by fixing furniture to walls, posters to the ceiling and even installing a light at 90 degrees.

"It took us two days to tilt the room," Tobias told GoodMorningAmerica.com. "We had to top last year's prank so we decided to do something insane. What's more insane than looking at your own room from above when you walk in?"

"We spent hours drilling holes in the walls and making special studs for everything to stay in place. It was a tough job," he said.