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  • 11 May 2010, 12:53

Brit builds ultimate Road Rocket

A British man is burning up the streets of Los Angeles with the ultimate trike - a self-designed 200mph monster he calls the Road Rocket.

Tim Cotterill, originally from Knighton, Leicestershire, originally sketched out his design 30 years ago.

But it wasn't until he created a popular range of bronze frog sculptures that he had the financial clout to realise his dream.

Now based in Santa Cruz, California, the 60-year-old is the proud owner of a three-wheeler that is so fast it even has a built-in parachute to slow it down.

Work began in 2006, when Mr Cotterill drafted in specialist bike makers the Blastolene Brothers to start bringing his hand-drawn design to life, and was completed this year.

The result is a five metre-long, 1225kg trike with a 1000bhp engine and handlebars so wide it took engineers 23 attempts to come up with a steering mechanism that worked.

"I have to say it really has exceeded all my expectations and fulfilled my wildest dreams," said Mr Cotterill.

"I did get it up to 160mph on a straight stretch of road in the high desert and actually deployed the Simpson parachute just for the heck of it."

But it's unlikely to win any green fans: "It'll return 3mpg around town, though the engine builder assured me not to worry as I'd get 4mpg when it was fully run in!"

Mr Cotterill will not confirm how much it cost to get his trike on the road except to say it was "a substantial six-figure dollar sum".