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  • 9 January 2014, 16:24

Brit takes bath on road in pothole protest

Pothole protest /Barcroft Media

A British teacher has taken a stand against the state of the roads in South Africa - by taking a bath in a giant pothole.

Pictures of Rosie Morrison, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, bathing in the pothole went viral in South Africa after she posted them on Facebook.

She said: "The reaction has been huge. I have been interviewed on all the major radio stations over here and the pictures were in most of the national papers."

Miss Morrison says the road between Machadodorp and Mashishing has become a "death trap" due to the number of deep potholes littering the surface.

The history graduate, who is nearing the end of six months volunteering at Lydenrust Guest Farm in Mpumalanga, said: "There are so many potholes a 20 minute journey can take up to an hour to complete.

"At night the road is simply too dangerous to drive on - if you hit one of these potholes at speed you will at best get a flat tyre, worst case have a serious crash.

"We thought we would have a laugh while trying to raise awareness for the issue and get something done about it."

Dumisani Malamule, a spokesperson for the local transport department, told local news outlets: "Much maintenance has been done on the road, but the large number of heavy trucks from various mines that use the road have contributed to the deterioration of the road.

"The road has now deteriorated to the point where patching is not a feasible option anymore, but rehabilitation is required."