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  • 6 November 2012, 11:34

Bruising battle for the White House

Bruising battle /Alison Jackson/Rex

It looks as if the US presidential fight has got physical from this picture - with Barack Obama seemingly on the ropes.

The contest between President Obama and Mitt Romney is being hailed as the bloodiest ever - but nobody quite believed it would come to blows.

But it seems that the two political heavyweights stepped into the ring to settle their differences the old fashioned way.

Amazing new pictures show Obama and Romney going head-to-head with boxing gloves in a bid to pound their way to victory.

Republican challenger Romney is seen landing a left hook to the jaw of the current president - who responds in kind.

But take a closer look and the secret behind the shots is revealed - they're lookalikes.

The snaps are the handiwork of Alison Jackson, who is renowned for her elaborate and often believable 'spoof' photos of celebrities and royals.

Her latest hard hitting send up appeared on the cover of the American 'Atlantic' magazine. For more information on Alison and her work, visit www.alisonjackson.com.