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  • 1 August 2014, 10:47

Burglar smoked man's wife's ashes

Ashes /Rex

A US man claims that a burglar broke into his home and smoked the ashes of his late wife.

Phillip McMullen of Citronelle, Alabama, says it happened while he was out of town visiting friends.

He said he came back to find the house ransacked and the ashes thrown around the room, adding it "looked like they tried to smoke some of them".

Mr McMullen thinks the burglar thought the ashes were drugs, as they were kept in a plastic box, rather than a metal urn.

"I guess they figured out this stuff ain't worth smoking, so they threw it up underneath one of my toolboxes," he said.

A police report says the intruder stole 15 items including a generator, chainsaw, knife and fishing rods and reels.

But Mr McMullen said the worst thing was the desecration of the ashes of his wife of 22 years.

"It's hard to put in words, it makes me want to fight again, and I don't like to fight," said the Vietnam veteran.

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office is investigating the burglary and officers say they hope someone will do the right thing and turn the criminal in.

"If someone did something like this, that's just horrible," said sheriff's office spokesperson Lori Myles.