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  • 17 July 2013, 9:50

Burglar took chihuahua on raid

Chihuahua /Rex

A US burglar was arrested - after taking his chihuahua with him on a raid and police heard the dog yapping.

Police in San Antonio, Texas, say the 42-year-old man decided to take his pet with him when he broke into a restaurant.

The restaurant's surveillance video captured the break-in in the early hours of the morning, Ksat.com reports.

Staff could not believe their eyes when they say a man force open a door and then break open the jukebox for change - while followed by the chihuahua.

"It's actually really funny, because you've never seen somebody break into a restaurant with a little dog following them," said Adriana Ortega, whose sister owns the restaurant.

Police arrived at the scene while the raid was still in progress and the intruder and his dog fled empty-handed and tried to hide in nearby bushes.

But the chihuahua started growling at police officers who quickly located the unlikely pair and took the suspect into custody.