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  • 25 February 2013, 11:57

Burglars 'stole jukebox instead of ATM'

Jukebox /Rex

Police in San Diego believe two burglars who stole a jukebox from a Hooters restaurant thought it was a cash machine.

The dopy duo tried to back a pick-up truck through the glass door and into the restaurant, according to NBCSanDiego.com.

When they discovered the door opening wasn't big enough for the truck, they towed the jukebox outside and then lifted it into the truck and drove away.

The suspects, believed to be two males in the their late teens or 20s, got away with the jukebox, but police say it may not have been their intended haul.

Police Lt Andra Brown told KGTV-TV that they may have confused the jukebox with an ATM machine.

Steve Price a regular at the restaurant, said: "Maybe with all the drinks and all the 'hooters' going around, their brains were just not thinking straight."