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  • 16 April 2013, 13:58

Canada starts the day with Holy Crap

A Canadian couple are coining it in after changing the name of their breakfast cereal to 'Holy Crap'.

Brian and Corin Mullins developed their gluten-free, vegan, organic cereal to address Mr Mullins' allergies.

It was originally called 'Hapi Food' cereal and sold only at the Sechelt Farmers Market on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia.

But after one of their very first customers said: "Holy Crap... this is amazing!", they changed the name to Holy Crap. Sales increased 1000% - from ten bags a day to over one hundred.

Holy Crap received international attention when Mr and Mrs Mullins sold it from a kiosk at Granville Island Market in Vancouver during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

And they soon noticed that customers from all over the world, who had bought it during the olympics, were re-ordering the cereal from their website.

The couple then appeared on the Canadian version of Dragons' Den - and Holy Crap was recently named the most successful business ever to feature on the show.

Holy Crap is now sold in more than 2,000 health food stores and grocery stores across Canada and is now expanding to the US.

Mrs Mullins said: "The keys to success are the eye-catching and humorous product names which draw people in to taste our cereals.

"Once they experience the benefits of the cereal they keep buying it and tell all their friends and family."