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  • 9 May 2013, 12:49

Caption competition: Boris and Babs

Caption competition

What's being said as Boris Johnson and Barbara Windsor launch 'The Big Lunch', encouraging people to get to know their neighbours by throwing a party?

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Last week, we asked what was being said as Prince Philip chatted with camouflaged snipers from the Royal Canadian Regiment in Toronto?




"One gets invited to inspect the Royal Canadian troops - and then they have the audacity not to show up" - Shaun Spencer


"Liz, I've told you to stop feeding those corgis and get them in the bloody bath" - sharon bal

"Eugenie! Beatrice! Are you off to a wedding? Lovely hats!" - t l

"I told Charles to stop speaking to those bloody plants. They're only talking back now!!" - southernclearance