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  • 16 May 2013, 10:18

Caption competition: Cheerleader Harry

Caption competition

What's being said as Prince Harry takes part in a cheerleading display at an American football training centre at a US Air Force Academy base in Colorado Springs?

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Last week, we asked what was being said as Boris Johnson and Barbara Windsor launched 'The Big Lunch', encouraging people to get to know their neighbours by throwing a party?




Alice and The Mad Hatter had just seen what The White Rabbit was wearing! - Hedge


"I'm terribly sorry Miss Windsor, I think I just cracked one of your jugs!" - Richard Ian Bird

Boris tried to keep his cool as his nan threw another tantrum over his sneaky use of Tesco Value tea bags again - movvi

Having been told by Babs that he had found her erogenous zone, Boris was trying to place what part of London that was in - Valerie Wood