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  • 14 February 2013, 13:50

Caption competition: Nick the mechanic

Caption competition

What's being said as Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has a look under the bonnet with some apprentices at Eastleigh College in Hampshire?

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Last week, we asked what was being said as the face of King Richard III was unveiled after the remains of the long dead monarch were found under a Leicester car park?




"And if you could take a bit more off the length, that'd be great" - movvi


"Look you may well have been a past King of England, but if you do not smile for the cameras the hole in the car park is still there!" - Phil Maddocks

"I am not in the giving vein today." - Howard Kingsbury (see Shakespeare, Richard lll, Act 4, Sc 2)

"A burger, a burger, my kingdom for a burger" - Derek Jarmin