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  • 2 May 2013, 11:29

Caption competition: Prince Philip and snipers

Caption competition

What's being said as Prince Philip chats with camouflaged snipers from the Royal Canadian Regiment during a visit to Toronto?

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Last week, we asked what was being said as the Duchess of Cambridge planted a willow tree with comedian John Bishop at a Manchester primary school?




"Look luv, in the order of Hierarchy I think you will find a Duchess is below a Bishop so keep shovelling!" - Phil Maddocks


"I don't care how many times Monty Don begged you, I will not be standing in for Carol Klein again until the baby is born!" - Janet Miller

"I'm having trouble getting it in," said the Duchess to the Bishop - Shaun Spencer

Isn't there a mix-up here? It should be the actress and the bishop, or the princess and the frog - Martin Peacock