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  • 26 April 2012, 11:36

Cardboard crash scenes confuse Chileans

Cardboard car /Rex

An artist is baffling people in Santiago - by creating realistic accident scenes out of cardboard.

Don Lucho, 23, creates smashed up cars and aeroplanes from recycled materials he finds on the street.

Then his artist collaborator Quillo places the life-size models on the streets of the Chilean capital.

One project features a car which looks to be virtually smashed in two after crashing into a 'stop' sign.

Another involves a small aeroplane which was left lying crumpled in the trees of a city park.

Mr Lucho explained: "I placed the accidents in central streets in the city as I wanted people to come across a scene of an accident that hasn't just happened.

"The confusion people feel when they first encounter the scene makes them doubt what is real and what impact it should have on them."

He has also created a life-size cardboard apartment including a kitchen, including pots and pans, as well as a toilet and a place to sleep.

And the bedroom is so realistic it features dirty underwear on the floor.

"This project tries to create a parody of the social reality of the South American dwelling," Mr Lucho added.