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  • 5 November 2012, 11:28

Charges over orgy reward for salesmen

Prostitutes /PA

Bosses of a German insurance company are to be prosecuted after renting a Budapest spa and filling it with prostitutes as a reward for their best salesman.

The weekend orgy at the historic Gellert spa in Budapest made headline news when it was revealed how four-poster beds had been put up alongside the pool area.

Women at the event were given armbands to indicate whether they were there to provide food and refreshments or sex.

The prostitutes were also colour-coded with those wearing white armbands being women reserved only for the top performing salesman.

Hundreds of Germans cancelled their policies with the Ergo insurance company when they realised how their premiums were being spent.

The company is a subsidiary of Hamburg-Mannheimer which claimed neither the parent company nor the managing directors at Ergo were aware of exactly what had been organised.

Prosecutors, who have spent 12 months looking at the evidence, have now charged two former Ergo managers, aged 42 and 53, with fraud by concealing the fact that their expenses claims were to pay for prostitutes.

In a statement apologising to the customers and the German public, the company said that the 2007 sex party was not consistent with the business' objective, nor with the image of the insurer.

The state is also filing charges against the former joint manager of an event-planning agency who worked with the two company managers to plan the trip.

The prosecutor's office estimates that the party, which involved at least 64 insurance agents, cost around 40,000.