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  • 16 September 2013, 10:03

'Chavarotti' takes opera to the streets

A street busker who sings opera while wearing sportswear, an earring and a backwards baseball cap has been dubbed Chavarotti.

Hundreds of people flock to hear Maxwell Thorpe, 23, perform tear-jerking renditions of Nessun Dorma and Halleluja.

He said: "I know it's a gift and something I have to share with people. I was lost for a bit and then I came out on the streets and it's been great.

"People stop and ask me: "Where does that voice come from?"."

Mr Thorpe, accompanied by his loyal dog Humphry, a Shar-Pei Staffordshire terrier cross, is often seen singing outside of a shopping centre in Chesterfield.

He is also an emerging hit on YouTube - and one clip has clocked up almost 100,000 hits.

"A guy took a video of me in Doncaster - he called it Chavarotti," said Maxwell, who prefers to call his style 'Hip-Opera'.

"It is very funny, it is a pun. The guy was sincere. There wasn't any harm meant by it."

Despite his growing popularity, Mr Thorpe, from Sheffield, said he has no plans to audition for X Factor or Britain's Got Talent.

He said: "I would like to show a different way to life. I know that there are people who go on the shows who do have real talent - but I don't feel that's the way for me."