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  • 7 April 2014, 11:39

Cheese factory closed over workers' milk bath

Milk bath /Europics

Health and safety officials in Russian have closed a cheesemaking factory after pictures were posted on Facebook of workers having a bath in a vat of milk.

One of the workers, Artem Romanov, 27, said it had been an impromptu act to celebrate the birthday of one of the men.

Another, Ruslan Ostanin, 26, said it was done: "So that we can show our customers how the wonderful cheese is being made."

Lawyers for the Torgovii Dom-Siri cheese factory, in Omsk, southwestern Siberia, claimed the white liquid was not milk but a watery by-product not used in food production.

But the consumer protection agency said their investigators had determined it was in fact raw milk used for cheese production.

The closure will be enforced for six weeks until the factory has passed health and safety checks.

Workers appearing in the photo will also have to be tested for diseases including STDs that might have been passed on to cheese customers.

The pictures were reportedly taken in January but only recently became known to the public after they went viral locally causing outrage among customers.

Local Savely Maslow, 57, said: "We were left feeling like idiots because we support local business by buying the products, and they insult us like this by washing their filthy bodies in the food they then expect us to eat."