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  • 6 March 2013, 11:40

Children's reading book features porn games

Textbook /Europics

An English language textbook has gone on sale for children in Japan based on characters from a series of kinky adult novels.

The main characters in the books - sold by Amazon in Japan in their early childhood and elementary school sections - are a 17-year-old-boy and his younger sister, who are hooked on computer porn.

Inside readers can learn the English for phrases like: "My little sister likes porn games."

In the original novels big brother Kyosuke and his younger sister Kirino play 'eroge' computer games showing incest and lesbianism.

The textbooks use themes from the adult books to teach youngsters all about English verbs, sentence construction, and slang.

But the book - 'My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute' - has raised eyebrows even in Japan which is normally tolerant of unusual porn.

"This crosses the line. Adults can do what they like but children need to be protected," said one educator.