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  • 12 March 2013, 9:33

Climber recorded 100ft fall on helmet camera

A climber who tumbled 100ft down a cliff in Snowdonia captured a scary record of his fall on his helmet camera.

Mark Roberts, 47, was climbing with pick axes when he was hit by a chunk of ice dislodged above him by another climber.

The safety consultant plummeted down Parsley Fern Gully, near Crib Goch, breaking his ankle, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Fellow climbers called the emergency services and he was rescued soon after by an RAF helicopter.

Mr Roberts told the British Mountaineering Council: "When it all happens so quickly, you just try not panic and hope there's some luck with you.

"There was no feeling of panic, more a concerted effort to protect my head and neck and be aware of what was below me, where I was heading and what I could do to slow and stop myself before I got to the more serious rocky outcrops.

"I was a little dazed but, critically, not unconscious. Interestingly, I had the foresight to check the cam was still attached and just hoped the vid had recorded that: it wasn't one for repeating!"

Phil Benbow, of the Mountain Rescue team said: "Considering the distance we would have expected much more severe injuries."