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  • 15 February 2011, 8:47

Coca Cola recipe leaks online

Coca Cola /PA

The top secret recipe of Coca Cola, which is kept locked in a steel vault in Atlanta city and guarded 24-hours a day, has reportedly been leaked by a website.

The ingredients of the drink, founded by John Pemberton, a medicinal pharmacist in 1886, have always been a mystery, reports the Daily Telegraph.

However, Thisamericanlife.org claims to have discovered a list in a photograph in a newspaper article giving the ingredients and exact quantities to make the drink.

The Feb 8 1979 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a photo of someone holding open a book with a recipe claimed to be an exact replica of Pemberton's.

The recipe reportedly contains the exact measures of all the different oils needed for Coca Cola's secret ingredient, Merchandise 7X.

Despite making up only one per cent of the drink's total formula, Merchandise 7X is though to give the popular soft drink its unique taste.

The 'secret recipe' for the 'syrup' which forms the basis of the drink is said to be: fluid extract of Coca 3 drams USP, citric acid 3 oz, caffeine 1oz, sugar 30 (it is unclear from the markings what quantity is required), water 2.5 gal, lime juice 2 pints, vanilla 1oz, and caramel 1.5oz or more to colour.

The Merchandise 7X flavour, of which 2oz is added to five gallons of syrup, consists of: alcohol 8oz, orange oil 20 drops, lemon oil 30 drops, nutmeg oil 10 drops, coriander 5 drops, neroli 10 drops, and cinnamon 10 drops.