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  • 28 January 2013, 11:55

Couple quit jobs over saucy emails

Shocked /Rex

An embarrassed couple have quit their jobs after their explicit emails about their love life became an internet sensation.

Melanie Anderson, a receptionist at an oil industry services company in Aberdeen, accidentally forwarded the intimate exchange with fiance Eric Knisz to their entire office.

It happened when she sent a short email to her colleagues at Integrated Subsea Services (ISS) Ltd to tell them that the sandwich van was outside.

Unfortunately, she accidentally wrote the message on top of the chain of private emails she had been swapping with Mr Knisz.

Within hours the email had gone viral, spreading first to other oil firms in Aberdeen and then to the rest of the world, prompting a series of jokes on Twitter with the hashtag #sandwichvan.

In the private messages, Miss Anderson wrote: " I totally fancy you," to which her fiance replied: "I love making love to you it's ace."

Bruce Webster, human resources director at ISS, said the couple were "absolutely mortified".

He added: "While the couple involved made a silly mistake, they did not do anything malicious or unlawful and have therefore not been disciplined. Regrettably they have chosen to resign.

"We are however dealing seriously with the issue of the email going outwith our organisation and reinforcing our policies in relation to this."

Miss Anderson and Mr Knisz, who are due to get married later this year, have not commented publicly.