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  • 4 December 2012, 11:48

Couple split after not so romantic reunion

On the rocks /Rex

A wife who stuck by her husband while he was jailed for five years divorced him within weeks of his release because she couldn't stand him being under her feet.

Aying Wu, from Qunzhou, Fujian province, southern China, said: "Somehow it seemed very romantic while he was away.

"Despite the hardship, we had a common purpose and a future to look forward to. I used to visit him often. We made plans for the future.

"I really was counting down the days until he was released. I thought my life would be complete and everything would be great when he was released."

But then when husband Ahua Lin was finally freed, Aying found she couldn't stand the sight of him.

"He was always in the way and criticising me. It just seemed as though he did not have anything good to say to me.

"Nothing I did seemed to make him happy. He was always criticising me all day long. Even when we went to bed at night he would still criticise me.

"I'd been used to making my own way and I couldn't stand the way he tried to boss me about," she told judges who granted the split.

Husband Ahua said: "I was only trying to help her. I would give her some tips to improve things, but she took everything personally as if I were criticising her.

"It just seems as though we have become incompatible. But I still love her and hope one day she will reconsider her decision."