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  • 7 May 2013, 11:11

Dame and drummers kiss and make up

Dame Helen Mirren /Rex

Organisers of a gay music festival whose drummers were told off by Dame Helen Mirren have invited her to shout at them again.

Dame Helen stormed out of the Gielgud theatre in London - where she is starring as The Queen in The Audience - in costume to tell the drummers to "shut the f*** up".

But she later offered the troupe an olive branch after her outburst went viral after it was filmed by people with mobile phones.

But organisers of the As One In The Park event have now gone one step further - inviting Dame Helen to officially open the festival, which begins on May 26 alongside the drummers.

"We want her to appear with the Samba band and come on and say 'Shut the f*** up'," one of the organisers explained.

Dame Helen said she complained about the drumming because it was so loud that it had become virtually impossible to continue the scene she was performing.

"I literally walked straight off stage, straight up the stairs and straight out the stage door and banged my through the crowd who were watching and said 'stop, you've got to stop right now' only I might have used stronger language than that," she said.

But she admitted later feeling guilty about her outburst: "I would love them to come and see the play and understand why I was so upset. I felt terrible, they are fellow performers."

She later appeared in a t-shirt with a hand-written message advertising the festival - but with a cheeky message on the back urging them to take their drumming elsewhere.

It shows a drum with two drumsticks, drawn in black marker pen, above the message: "Yes please! Just not outside a theatre!"