Quirky News

  • 22 March 2013, 10:59

'Dead' deer jumps out of car boot

Police officers in the US had a shock when they opened the boot of a car - and a supposedly dead deer jumped out.

They had stopped the car for a routine check, near Kalamazoo, Michigan, when the driver told them he had a roadkill deer in the boot.

The motorist told officers he had accidentally hit and killed the deer with his car on a nearby road.

Michigan motorists who hit animals are allowed to keep the meat but must report the incident and acquire a state deer kill permit.

But it turned out the deer had been only stunned - and it jumped up and ran off into nearby woods when officers opened the boot.

Kalamazoo lieutenant Stacey Geik said: "It was a fun story, to maybe get a smile on people's faces for a change."