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  • 11 April 2013, 9:23

'Dead' hamster digs itself out of grave

A hamster came back from the dead and dig itself out of its grave - 24 hours after being buried in a garden.

Lisa Kilbourne-Smith and boyfriend James Davis were looking after the pet, called Tink, for friends when they found her lying lifeless in her cage.

They buried her in the back garden and then phoned Tink's owners Nicki Gamble and Jamie Wynn to break the sad news.

But the next day - Good Friday - Mr Davies called back to announce that the hamster had been 'resurrected' after going into hibernation.

She had eaten her way out of her paper shroud, dug her way out of her grave, edged along a narrow wall and then climbed a waste pipe to land in a recycling box.

Tink was found by Ms Kilbourne-Smith's father Les the next day when he went to flatten boxes for recycling and her head suddenly popped out.

Ms Kilbourne-Smith, 23, said: "We wrapped her up in a load of kitchen towel and buried her about a foot deep in the back garden so that the cat couldn't dig her back up again.

"The next day he rang him back to say 'Mate - your hamster's back alive' and Jamie thought he was trying to be funny."

Mr Kilbourne-Smith, 60, who lives next door, said: "We've nicknamed her Jesus because it was Easter when she came back from the dead."