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  • 30 April 2013, 10:06

Diana 'tipped off medium on Royal baby'

Carolina Bruce /Rex

A medium has put a bet on the sex and other details of the Royal baby - claiming Princess Diana tipped her off.

Carolina Bruce, 56, has placed a 50 accumulator bet with Ladbrokes on the back of her 'inside' knowledge - and stands to win 25,000.

She claims the spirit of Diana told her the Royal baby would be a girl and would be born between midnight and noon on July 1, her own birthday.

She apparently also predicted the baby would weigh less than eight pounds, have blue eyes and dark hair and have both Victoria and Diana included in her names.

Mrs Bruce, who lives in Knaresborough, was encouraged to place the bet by her husband Laurence.

She claims she's in regular communication with Diana and they had a conversation about the baby at a time when there was a lot of speculation over the baby's gender.

"I knew more than the gender so I decided to take Laurence's advice and make the bet more credible by listing several features the baby will be born with," she said.

Ladbrokes spokesperson Jessica Bridge said: "We've never known such a confident Royal Baby bet even at those odds. If Carolina lands the gamble we'll have to ask for her help at the next Grand National."