Quirky News

  • 31 January 2013, 11:07

Disabled piglet gets a toy wheelchair

A disabled pet piglet called Chris P Bacon - with his own 'toy' wheelchair - looks set to become a star on the internet.

The ten-year-old pig has his own Facebook page and has already attracted more than 1,000 followers.

And fans of the little piglet are following his progress on YouTube where clips have notched up thousands more hits.

Owner Len Lucero says Chris P Bacon was born with a congenital defect which means he has no use of his hind limbs.

He has made him a two-wheeled harness out of a children's K'Nex building set which he is using to get around.

Mr Lucero says the Walkin' Wheels organisation which helps disabled pets has kindly donated him a "cool wheelchair".

But he added: "Chris weighs 2lbs so he is too small now but should grow into it before long. For now we'll have to stick with K'Nex."