Quirky News

  • 4 April 2013, 9:27

Dog's amazing stunt video goes viral

A one minute video of a dog performing a series of 20 unbelievable stunts is becoming an online smash.

The Australian border collie - appropriately named Jumpy - has received almost universal praise for his exploits.

He is seen performing incredible jumps, running up walls, skateboarding over ramps, surfing, water-skiing, diving underwater, walking on his front legs through a slalom course, and other stunts before speeding off into the distance on a scooter.

Jumpy was trained by owner Omar Von Muller, who trained Uggie, the dog from Oscar winning film The Artist.

Mr Von Muller says the secret to his success was being consistent with the animals.

Hundreds of thousands of viewers have watched the clip on YouTube.