Quirky News

  • 27 November 2012, 12:46

'Drop dead' swimsuit calendar

A South African advertising agency has combined two popular genres to create a zombie swimsuit calendar.

Featuring models made up to look like "cadaverous cuties", it is part of a promotion for The Walking Dead TV show.

The calendar is getting rave reviews from the editors of the South African version of FHM magazine.

"It pulls together two of FHM's favourite things: bikini babes and zombies," said a blog post promoting the calendar.

"Now, if they'd just been holding a beer this video would have been three for three!"

But not everybody has been impressed by the combination. Yolanda Green, of LazyGamer.net, thought it should have been shot in a post-apocalyptic city, rather than a sunny beach.

"The babes are hot, but the make up isn't," she said. "Instead of looking like they were victims of a zombie attack, it rather looks like they were all in the same car accident."