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  • 3 April 2013, 9:51

'Drunk' soldier drove tank into lamp post

A Russian soldier is facing a court martial after he crashed his armoured fighting vehicle into a lamp-post while allegedly drunk.

A video clip of the accident shot with a car cam in which the airborne fighting vehicle (BMD) crashes into the lamp-post in Ryazan in Russia has now appeared on the internet.

The incident took place opposite the October cinema in the city.

Ryazan's Margelov airborne training academy is located in the city and the BMD vehicle's are frequently seen driving around on practice runs.

The pictures from car driver Ivan Ivanov's video recorder were uploaded on the 30th March. The timestamp on the video states that the date was the 28th, and the time was 15.39.

The BMD was part of a column that was travelling through Ryazan last Thursday, RZN.info reports.

This was not the only road accident involving a military vehicle that day. Another BMD crashed into a car at a crossroads just hours earlier.