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  • 6 December 2012, 11:16

Exhibition celebrates Sh*t London

Mattress /Rex

A new exhibition 'celebrates' the less attractive sides of London.

Sh*t London features hilarious pictures snapped by the public of bitter sweet ironies or hilarious mistakes spotted in the city.

The show is based on a blog created by Patrick Dalton, who explains: "There are so many unintentionally amusing things around the city if you just choose to notice them."

Hilarious submissions include a Smoking Paradise shop next to a Cancer Research shop and a dumped mattress daubed with the notice "Free Matress, No Visible Stains".

Spokeswoman Danielle Pender for KK Outlet in Hoxton, where the exhibition runs from 7 December, says: "The images, no matter how grim, are life affirming and reassuring that underneath the modern day desire for perfection and the homogeny of the Tesco filled high street - people are still people, they sometimes make mistakes and life is all the better for them."

Organisers are also asking for entrants for the Sh*t London Awards, with categories including Best/Worst Christmas Decorations, Ugliest London Building, Best/Worst Business Name and Most Depressing View From Work.