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  • 22 March 2013, 10:49

Farmscrapers take eco-living to new heights

Farmscrapers /Rex

An architecture firm hopes to take green living to new heights after designing six incredible 'farmscrapers'.

The futuristic high-rise buildings would combine several eco-systems with cleverly designed office units and residential apartments.

French firm Vincent Callebaut Architects are behind the masterplan, which they hope to build in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

Formed around a central tower block, each of the six skyscrapers would contain residential areas, offices and leisure spaces.

Each of the farmscrapers would be 396 metres tall and have 111 floors. Suspended gardens would be stationed on the exterior.

Meanwhile, a huge collection of wind turbines and solar cells would be placed on each of the farmscrapers, providing renewable energy.

It is hoped the six 'farmscrapers' will combat the growing population and increased urban development in Shenzhen, as well as cut C02 emissions.

The project, named Asian Cairns, also includes a system which will recycle the waste water generated by the vertical farms.

Vincent Callebaut Architects said: "It is a prototype to build a green, dense, smart city connected by technology and eco-designed from biotechnologies."