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  • 2 August 2011, 9:03

Fashion blogger is an online star

Poppy Dinsey /Ext

A blogger who posts pictures of herself in a different outfit online every day for fashion fans has become an internet sensation.

Poppy Dinsey, 24, , from Guildford, Surrey, sports everything from designer dresses to bikinis and says she now has so many clothes her bedroom looks "like a warehouse".

She started her 'What I Wore Today' blog on January 1, 2010, after making a New Year resolution to vary her outfits while on holiday in California.

The site is now such a huge success - attracting 90,000 visitors a month - that Poppy is planning an entire social network for fashion fans.

She said: "I came up with a New Year's resolution to try and wear something different every day, take a picture on my iPhone and upload it.

"Partly, it was just that I was feeling smug wearing a dress in California and wanted to show it off to people shivering in a coat in England.

"It was a completely throwaway project. I had no idea how big it would become."

Explaining her success, she said: "It only takes 30 seconds to check the site and women know they are going to see a different outfit every day. It does become addictive.

"There is a male following too. Right from the beginning, a lot of guys have been looking. They often ask me advice for what to buy their wives or girlfriends."

Miss Dinsey now plans to expand the site into a social network where anyone can upload their daily outfits with competitions where users vote for "the most fashionable" efforts.