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  • 25 October 2012, 10:30

Firefighters in nutty squirrel rescue

Squirrel rescue /Europics

Firefighters came to the rescue after a squirrel burying his nuts managed to get his head stuck in a manhole cover.

Concerned passers-by called the fire brigade when they spotted the distressed rodent trapped in the middle of the street in Munich, Germany, as cars thundered by.

Firefighters and vets eventually freed the squirrel - usually one of nature's great escape artists - with special metal cutting equipment after an attempt to ease him out with soapy water failed.

"Apart from being a bit grumpy, which is understandable, he was fine and ran straight up the nearest tree," said a fire service spokesman.

"As it's autumn we think he'd been looking for places to bury his nuts but had taken a bit of a wrong turn."