Quirky News

  • 13 May 2013, 8:05

Four-year-old boy is town's new mayor

A US town has elected a four-year-old boy called Bobbie as its new mayor.

Every year, Dorset, Minnesota, picks a name out of a hat, and that person becomes the mayor for a year.

And this year it was four-year-old Bobbie Tufts who will now ba calling the shots in the town for the next 12 months.

Mayor Tufts apparently likes to play, dance, sing, and talk to his townspeople, but he also likes to sneak off to the lake with his parents in his downtime and fish.

He likes to catch plenty of crappie, muskies, and bass. He says the best bait to use is leeches and worms. Mayor Tufts told reporters he also has a girlfriend named Sophia.