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  • 26 April 2013, 11:02

Frilly lingerie launched - for men

Frilly /Rex

An Australian company is hoping to change the way we shop for underwear with the launch of a new range of slinky lingerie - for men.

HommeMystere says its range, which includes padded bras, lacy teddies and frilly thongs, was inspired by the lack of adventurous underwear available for men.

And the company claims Britain is its second largest market after the US as men have been rushing to order the new trend.

HommeMystere say they have been so successful in selling it to British men that they hope to branch out with UK shops.

The brand was established four years ago by Brent and Lara Krause and based on feedback from their customers; they branched out into a larger range of lingerie styles including teddies, bras and camisoles.

Founder Brent Krause said: "Women have a broad range of fabrics, colours, styles and textures where guys have a limited offering.

"We decided to trial a few different patterns and use satins with a hint of lace in the designs and the response was far greater than expected.

"Often the bras cause confusion with women and a frequent comment is 'Why? There's nothing to support'.

"It's the feel of the garment that's important, not the function. After all, if garments are supposed to be worn only for support, why do women wear knickers?

"To those that do not 'get' the idea of seeing their man in HommeMystere, it's all about the feel of the fabrics and adding another dimension for the senses. Don't knock it until you try it!"