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  • 2 April 2013, 9:40

Man spends six years in internet cafe

Li Meng /Europics

A computer games addict claims to have spent an astonishing six years at the same screen in an internet cafe.

Li Meng, 30, eats, sleeps and plays at the same seat in the cafe in Jilin, northern China, 24 hours a day, leaving his monitor only to use the loo or take a shower.

Cafe manager Sun Wang explained: "He's no trouble. In fact we barely hear anything from him at all. He pays his bills and doesn't upset anyone.

"The staff almost never talk to him unless there's a technical problem or he wants some food.

"He usually plays all night and sleeps through most of the day in front of the screen. But while he pays for the table, it's his."

Graduate Li pays a table fee of 60 a month and claims to make up to 200 a month through playing online games tournaments.