Quirky News

  • 8 May 2014, 9:59

Games console for dogs invented

A 165 games console for dogs has been invented to keep pets amused when their owners are away.

CleverPet has three sensitive touch pads, which light up interactively when touched by a dog's nose or paw.

When hit in the right order, they release food for the pet - and make the next game slightly more complex.

The owner can log on to a special app to see exactly how much their dog has played.

CleverPet is the work of San Diego-based scientists and enterpreneurs Dan Knudsen and Leo Trottier.

"The CleverPet completely transforms your pet's experience of being home alone," they say.

"It's a device that feeds your dog while she engages with it and learns. And we even make it easy for you keep track of when your pet plays and eats."

The pair are seeking funding to launch CleverPet commercially through Kickstarter and have so far raised more than three-quarters of their $100,000 target.