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  • 2 January 2013, 13:04

Gangnam Style teachers slammed

Teachers at a Roman Catholic school have been criticised for filming a Gangnam Style video complete with half-naked changing room scenes.

Staff including the headmaster at Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School in Accrington, Lancashire, performed the moves made famous by South Korean rapper Psy.

The video shows teachers, receptionists and cleaners performing Psy's distinctive lassoing and galloping dance moves in locations around the campus.

It opens with school headmaster Xavier Bowers with his feet on the desk in his office being fanned, and goes on to feature staff performing in classrooms, corridors, a minibus, a lift and the reception.

In one scene, copied from Psy's original video, two male members of staff wearing only towels around their waists sit in a changing room.

The video - posted on YouTube with the caption, "You will never see our staff in the same light again!" - has attracted a variety of comments on the school's official Facebook page.

One mother said it was "hilarious" but added: "How will I keep a straight face on parents evening?", while a pupil noted: "I will never look at my teachers the same again."

Peter Britcliffe, a local Conservative councillor, said: "I am not a killjoy but I have looked at the piece, which is being discussed all over Accrington. It is the talk of the town's young people.

"Having viewed it myself, while most of it is just good fun, there are parts of it certainly that might not improve the respect there should be between teachers and pupils."

Mr Bowers rejected the criticism, saying: "This kind of thing strengthens the relationship between teachers, pupils and parents who have given us an overwhelmingly good response."